Boomtown becomes third media market in Maharashtra for AirCheck India

Mumbai, 20 June 2008 - As RCS India announces, AirCheck radio monitoring services are now also available for the commercial FM stations in Pune. With the recent commencement of radio monitoring services for Pune, RCS India completes the coverage of its AirCheck service for all Category A and A+ markets in India.

"Pune was the last of these media markets for the service to start because until recently, Radio Mirchi was the only commercial station on the air," says Nilesh Kolapkar who is responsible for AirCheck marketing and customer relations at RCS. Just a few weeks ago in May, Radio One and Radio City started broadcasting in Maharashtra's second largest city. The lack of necessary infrastructure in form of a tower to host the transmitter facilities and antennas did not allow an earlier date.

But according to Karl Kessler, General Manager of RCS India, everyone in the industry seems to agree that Pune is a very viable media market. As a center of higher education, it has a high percentage of young population. Its status as hub for the IT and automotive industries leads to strength in the local economy. And the relative proximity to Mumbai has made it an attractive alternative to the metropolis for many businesses and new residents.

About AirCheck

Aircheck is a world leader in radio spot and music monitoring, providing services for broadcasters, media research firms, the recording industry and advertising agencies. AirCheck India, a subsidiary of US-based RCS Inc., provides audio identification services of commercials and songs that are played on air. AirCheck India monitors radio stations around the clock, every day of the year and provides "same day" verification. In addition, Aircheck, in the United States known as Media Monitors, provides services such as Newspaper Ad Tracking, TV Spot Monitoring, Spot Ten® weekly charts of radio advertisers, and - upon request - also conducts custom research projects.

Aircheck came into existence because for decades, it was expensive and tedious for radio advertisers to verify the number of times a spot played or whether the right copy ran on-air. With the patented technology of Aircheck, Sales Executives can have details on a particular radio spot or an entire media campaign at their fingertips in seconds. The broadcast content recognition process used by Aircheck is protected by U.S. Patent 5,437,050 with additional patents pending.

About RCS

RCS (Radio Computing Services) is the world's leading provider of broadcast and Webcast software, serving over 9,000 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and Internet stations worldwide. RCS serves clients in 100 countries from its 23 offices around the world, providing round-the-clock 24/7 global support. In India, RCS serves broadcasters, among them many of the recently licensed FM radio stations, through its subsidiary RCS (India) Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2002.

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