AirCheck enters the first Category B market in India

Mumbai, 2 September 2008 - As RCS India announces, AirCheck radio monitoring services are now also available for the commercial FM stations in Indore. This marks the first market outside the Category A+ and A classifications for which media monitoring becomes available in India. With over 1,5 million population, Indore is the largest city in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

"We knew already that there was interest in the industry to have monitoring data available for the stations in Indore. At the same time, this is also a testing ground for us to see whether such services can be sustained outside the major media markets that are categorized as A+ or A," says Nilesh Kolapkar who is responsible for AirCheck marketing and customer relations at RCS.

Four commercial stations are on air in Indore. They are Radio Mirchi, BIG FM, MY FM and S-FM, and all of them are part of the monitoring data and reports that AirCheck India provides via its online portal to the subscribers. With the availability of the data from the Indore stations, now offers data from 14 media markets throughout India, comprising a total number of 75 radio stations.

Aside from its traditional subscribers from within the radio industry itself, Aircheck media monitoring services in India have recently found particular interest from record labels, advertising agencies, news media and even telecoms.