NexGen Digital Tightens GSelector Integration

White Plains, NY -- October 1, 2008 - NexGen Digital and GSelector continue to fine tune their already tightly knit integration. Production and Log synchronization gives the GSelector user the ability to control logs generated in the automation system without switching between applications. Coupled with dozens of user requested enhancements NexGen Digital's economics of scale and robust feature list continue to lead the field. Updates in this release include:

Audio Server
You can now execute a macro automatically when a spot block starts or ends.

Expanded the ability to configure play devices per computer
Implement music load template for GSelector
Made configuring PCM audio and Gselector integration settings easier

Added Film Name field to Song Audio Information dialog.
Increased the maximum of TCP/IP connections for RDS export to 64

Added support for Tipro keyboards
Added support for Preh keyboards

You can now add and execute audio events in macros.

Music Load
The Music Load routine has been enhanced to continuously poll for new load files
You can now allow NexGen to send emails when the Music load and Traffic Load are completed

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