Superior level of customization

White Plains, NY October 17, 2008 - RCSnews has created a new level of user customization. Unmatched for ease of use, RCSnews has recently added a host of features based on workflow patterns. Significant improvements to the RCSnews teleprompter are among these. Options in the teleprompter module let you set the pace for each reporter and color code each dialog for multiple presenter formats.

Configure RCSnews to display a rundown window in the Teleprompter and have the Cart Deck at your fingertips. In this new release, the user interface has also been improved for clearer viewing of wire lists, rundowns and library options.

Included in RCSnews 4.0:

•Instant notification when another user has the same story open so duplicate work is not created.

•User rights and preferences were expanded to include an enhanced contact list that is easily imported from Outlook.

•Master Control is fully integrated with RCSnews.

•Startup status is visible on a new splash screen dashboard.

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