GSelector Version 3.13 full steam ahead

White Plains, NY January 8, 2009 - RCS today announced the release of GSelector 3.13 adding to the already powerful feature set the music scheduler provides music programmers everywhere. Enhancements include a multi-link changer, additional drag and drop functionality, and Linker attributes.

Multi Link Changer:
The new Multi Link Changer provides for links what the Multi Song Changer provides for songs. It allows you to, in a single operation, modify one or more attribute values for the group of links currently selected in the Linker | Link Library | Browse window. After building a list there, simply click the Multi Link Changer tab.

Drag and Drop from the Consideration Window
While working in the Editor you can now drag one or more elements from the Consideration window and drop them into the schedule. Dropped items are inserted above the schedule position onto which they are dropped. You can replace the existing schedule item by pressing and holding the Ctrl Key before dropping the items.

Additional Linker Attributes
Mood, Tempo , Energy and Opener attributes have been added to GSelector links. Now see all links of the attributes presently available for songs. There are new link Spread Goals and Segue Bans for Mood, Tempo, Energy and Opener and these attributes are fully supported throughout GSelector.