GSelector Version 3.14.1 released

White Plains, NY May 7, 2010 - RCS today announced the release of GSelector 3.14.1, increasing the tools already found in this world class music scheduler. Enhancements include Reverse Scheduling Methodology, Daypart Slotting and Automatic Internet Updates.

Reverse Scheduling:
This groundbreaking scheduling technique is intended to optimize rotations of smaller categories containing songs which also appear in pre-scheduled special programming. Reverse Scheduling lays songs from designated categories into the schedule in reverse chronological order, starting at the point where the hand scheduled songs have been placed. The pre-scheduled music thus establishes the "starting point" of the scheduling order, to provide optimized rotation.

Slotted by Daypart:
This is another inventive scheduling technique that automatically provides near-perfect placement of high-rotation songs having Alternate Category assignments. The Scheduler will slot, as precisely as possible, the songs in the Category Group while respecting their Alternate Category assignments and optimizing placement around those Daypart boundaries where a song moves from one Category Group to another.

Additional Scheduling Techniques
This release of GSelector contains further scheduling options that many contemporary music stations will find useful. These include Kicking without Slotting as well as new Spread Goal options and refinements. Using these scheduling features, singly or in combination, provides powerful new ways to take control of scheduling songs in your smaller, high-rotation categories.

Automatic Internet Updates:
When starting GSelector we now automatically check for a new General Release of GSelector and display a message and options if one is available via Internet Update. When running a stand-alone configuration, one option will allow immediate installation of the upgrade.