RCS Releases Zetta 2.5

(White Plains, NY) October 19, 2012 - RCS has announced the latest release of Zetta – the award winning playout system already in service on hundreds of FM and online radio stations around the world. Zetta 2.5 contains many new exciting enhancements requested by clients and offices around the globe.

Zetta 2.5 is now capable of even more sophisticated SPLITS – the ability to air different commercials and IDs on regional versions of the same station, so it's the perfect solution for medium and large networks, as well as standalone stations. Among many new features, Zetta 2.5 has also added a powerful new method of defining your own audio types (for those with appropriate user rights).

"Zetta 2.5 delivers ten major new features and substantial performance optimizations. We continue to make the most flexible, user friendly digital playout products and are proud to serve the broadcast industry of the world," said Philippe Generali, President & CEO.

He added: "RCS products share the same DNA, providing seamless integration with GSelector4, RCSnews, and the latest RCS traffic system, Aquira. No other broadcast company offers a complete solution with as many features and possibilities for the terrestrial radio or streaming station."

New features in Zetta include:
• Introduced Rotations (for any asset type)
• Added support for Splits across multiple Zetta systems
• Added moving & copying assets between types
• Wancasting now supports sending and receiving Logs
• Added ability to activate & assign a category during Media Import and Autoload
• Added User Rights for individual custom "Other Audio" types
• Time stretch to ETM in both Live Assist and Auto Mode
• Added support for Beds (e.g. to allow stations to play voicetracks on top of a bed)
• Completely redesigned Artist/Album control to allow autocomplete (and much more)
• Added support for defining custom colors on Hot Keys