iRadio Reaches Listeners With New Playout System

(Athlone, Ireland) September 6, 2013 - RCS, the world's largest broadcast software company, has today announced that iRadio in Ireland has upgraded their playout software to Zetta, the award winning playout system from RCS.

Reaching over 335,000 consumers each and every week, iRadio covers a total of 15 counties across the North East and Midlands and the West and North West of Ireland. iRadio has won six Radio Advertising awards, eleven PPI awards (Oscars for Radio) along with numerous other accolades. Targeted to youth orientated programming Zetta was the perfect fit for this contemporary station.

Leigh Doyle, iRadio Group Programme Director is thrilled with the station’s new addition. "Zetta is just what we needed for our studio environment. Up to date, slick and powerful – just what a station like iRadio needs!" "And the staff has picked up on using the program straight off, something that rarely happens with a new software system in a high stress, fast paced station."

RCS President/CEO, Philippe Generali added, "We love hearing these experiences and success stories. Zetta is the most powerful playout system available and the features will continue to grow. We recently added Zetta2Go which is a suite of applications that lets you control Zetta from a smart phone or tablet. You can control what’s on the air from any place with an Internet connection."