(White Plains, NY – February 10, 2014) - RCS moved quickly and has taken steps to remove the last few remaining pieces of Java from its legacy music scheduler, Selector 15, citing recently stated "zero-day vulnerability" security concerns.

EVP of Technology and Development at RCS, Chip Jellison explains what this all means: “We have seen a great deal of news about the insecurities around Java lately, and we know that our client’s use of our software is mission critical. For every product from RCS, besides Selector 15, there was never a need for Java to be installed on your computer.”

Jellison continued, “There was never vulnerability with our Classic Windows®-based Selector 15, but there was only one area where Java was employed to display pie charts. The code didn’t create a vulnerability, but having it meant that your station computers needed to install Java. This was not a position we wanted our clients in. This small area of code in Selector 15 has been replaced by HTML5 and we are releasing this fully tested version today.

Chip Jellison added, “From version 15.3.4 SP2, we will use HTML5 to render the same pie charts and a positive by-product of this change is that it renders your charts 5x faster than the legacy Java code.”

You can download the release by visiting the Support | Download page at our Website. Once there, click the Installers link for either Selector or Master Control. The upgrade appears at the top of each page.

NOTE FROM RCS SUPPORT: We highly encourage you uninstall Java. It can only detract resources from your mission critical apps. If you have other products which are written in Java, you may not have a choice, but we highly recommend that you remove Java completely from your mission critical machines- the heartbeat of your station and the source of your revenue.

Please email support@rcsworks.com for any support related questions.