Improved Interface Included

(White Plains, NY - May 2, 2014) - RCS, the World's Largest Broadcast Software Company, announced today the latest feature-packed version of its multi-station scheduling system GSelector.

GSelector virtually eliminates unscheduled song positions. It considers every song for every position, making hundreds of thousands of decisions in a typical scheduling session. This guarantees that the best song lands in the best slot every time. With the best spread of artists, songs and attributes, you get a great log every time.

New Features Include:

Appearances for Test Bar Failures
You can now define apply an Appearance to a Test Bar failure according to thresholds that you adjust. This can help you quickly spot problem issues as you are navigating the schedule or checking a song.

Yesterday and Prior Day on the Editor Test Bar
The Test Bar in the Editor now shows the closest play yesterday and the closed play on the prior day of the currently selected song. These indicators use the definitions specified in the Setup | Station | Yesterdays window.

Improved Interface for Legacy Rule Settings
It is still the place where you manage the settings of the Legacy Rules but the interface has been dramatically redesigned and improved to make working here easier and faster.

New Accelerators Keys in the Editor
We have implemented new accelerator keys in the Editor:

For additional information or to upgrade to GSelector 4.2 please email