Sydney, Australia- October 6, 2014 - Australia’s peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Radio network has embraced the world’s best broadcasting technology as part of its ongoing commitment to promote Aboriginal and Islander culture across the globe.

CAAMA Radio manager Gerry Lyons says the new Zetta technology places CAAMA trainees ahead of many in the broadcast industry and will allow the station to provide its remote sector with improved language specific program delivery assisted by a national / international support team 24hrs a day.

Keith Williams, Managing Director of RCS Australia and RCS Vice President of Asia Pacific says the long and valued partnership with CAAMA continues and the new system allows a stronger and more efficient commitment to promoting Aboriginal culture, language and dance across l Australia

CAAMA’s CEO, Michael Robertson says that the installation of the RCS Zetta system places CAAMA Radio at the cutting edge of Indigenous and mainstream broadcast radio technology world-wide. He added it will also allow CAAMA to better utilize the content partnerships with other broadcasters, as well as providing cost and revenue benefits.

CAAMA Radio broadcasts across the second largest radio network in the country and is keen to ensure Indigenous radio maintains parity with other media outlets.

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA Radio) became Australia’s first licensed Aboriginal broadcaster in 1980 and proudly continues its ongoing commitment to the sector.

(For more information contact Gerry Lyons, CAAMA Radio Manager 08 89519729)