NOVA Selects Aquira Traffic System

Sydney, Australia (June 18, 2015) - RCS, the world's largest broadcast software company announced today that NOVA Entertainment will add Aquira traffic to their array of technologies. NOVA Entertainment currently uses RCS products for music scheduling (GSelector), playout (Zetta) and media monitoring by RCS AirCheck.

RCS products share the same DNA, which means that all the products talk to each other. Aquira was designed to be more than a traffic system; it is more aptly described as a full-business management software platform. With real time access to sales and inventory data via Aquira2Go and the system's vast range of scheduling, billing, and reporting options, NOVA Entertainment will be able to tap the power of Aquira for their clients, prospects and sales team.

Local support and development was also key to NOVA Entertainment's decision to integrate Aquira into their broadcasting empire. Keith Williams, VP of RCS Asia Pacific expounds on support in the region, "Our Support is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS is the only broadcast software provider to offer local support 24/7. This sets us apart from our competition."

Mark Downes, NOVA Entertainment Chief Technology Officer said, "I am looking forward to extending NOVA Entertainment's relationship with RCS with the implementation of the Aquira system. Aquira's integration with our existing RCS products, Zetta and GSelector, as well as its CRM capability, gives us the strategic advantage we need for improved sales and inventory performance and efficiency."

President & CEO of RCS, Philippe Generali recently visited NOVA Entertainment and came away with these thoughts, "NOVA is a class act, professional and committed to raising the bar in entertainment. RCS' integrated suite of software for music scheduling, playout, media monitoring and traffic are the perfect companion in NOVA's strategic plan. Aquira will strengthen the capabilities NOVA has for nimble, real time data and log management."

For further information and/or interviews, please contact Keith Williams at RCS on (02) 8424 3300 or email