Software Giant Introduces New Way of Scheduling

White Plains, NY (April 18, 2016) -

RCS, the world's largest broadcast software company, has announced a move that will change the concept of music scheduling. The Selector Cloud™ is a new service that RCS will offer to radio stations and webcasters around the world.

The Selector Cloud provides constant and secure access from anywhere with a simple username and password, allowing the user to perform music scheduling functions, such as library management, clock-building, policy setting, log editing, transfer to the automation system, analysis and much more.

A single music library can be used across an unlimited number of stations and data is secured and constantly backed-up for ultimate safety.

Users can access their scheduler through the browser-based Selector2GO interface with no software installation required on local hardware, thereby minimizing the need for engineering involvement. Of course, the full-scale GSelector desktop client can also be used, to access all functions.

One of the major advantages of The Selector Cloud is that all users will constantly benefit from the latest and greatest version of the world's number one music scheduling system; there's no software to request, install, update or download. The Selector Cloud is browser and device-agnostic; users can access the scheduler by Mac and PC desktop, or tablets and phones running Android or iOS.

With The Selector Cloud, there is no need to send backups around; data can be shared and accessed in real-time by colleagues and consultants. Existing station-based Zetta automation systems will still work in perfect synchronicity with The Selector Cloud.

Philippe Generali, RCS President/CEO said: "Selector continues to be the #1 system to schedule music, links and every asset you need to make great radio on air and on the web. Being the first and only company in the world to offer professional music scheduling as a service is a way for RCS to continue to innovate for our users. Moving to The Selector Cloud will provide additional flexibility for all customers - from the smallest webcaster, to the largest broadcasting corporation in any of the 110 countries where we currently operate. RCS will continue to lead the industry in offering our products as services in the cloud where it makes sense for the end user."

For more information on The Selector Cloud, please call RCS Sales at +1 (914) 428-4600