New Mobile User App Unveiled at NAB RadioShow

White Plains, NY (September 15, 2016) - RCS, the world's largest broadcast software company, announces that its digital research platform, Test All Media will debut the new mobile-way for respondents to interface with radio stations at the NAB - RAB Radio Show 2016 in Nashville September 21 - 23, 2016 at Booth #218.

Test All Media Mobile is a new digital research platform focused on testing and analyzing music, websites, video, content, ads and images. Test All Media gives your music testers a way to instantly grade the songs wherever they are. With Test All Media Mobile, not only will you be able to sharpen your audience insights, but will significantly increase your database sample size; making the research more reliable. Test All Media works with you to design an online survey that delivers the data that can make a difference in ratings.

RCS President & CEO Philippe Generali is spearheading the new program, "We have taken the industry standard Rate The Music and completely revamped its design and purpose. Stations are no longer just about music, the media is intertwined with websites, video, advertisers and listeners. Test All Media is just that—gathering intelligence to find out what turns your potential audience into long-term consumers."